Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today's eats

Breakfast was 2 french toast with lite syrup again - 8pts.  I finally went grocery shopping after breakfast today.  I love grocery shopping!
Strawberries (1 pt)

The kiddo said "take a picture of my waffles mom."  So I did!!  Isn't he cute!

Lunch was vegetable soup (2 pts), low fat cottage cheese (2 pts) and a glass of milk (2 pts)
Yes it is June and yes I made a huge pot of veggie soup.  The kiddo loves vegetable soup and asks for it almost daily for lunch.  I loaded up the freezer for quick go to meals.  I love doing this.
I was really hungry about 2 hours after lunch.... So I ate...

a- PB &J  (4pts)
Dinner was supposed to be BBQ chicken on the grill but some one (AHEM, me) left the gas on the grill last night, so the tank was empty.  I baked BBQ chicken instead.  I also roasted red potatoes with a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some seasoning.  Corn on the cob and "red lobster biscuits" were also on the menu.
BBQ chicken -3 pts, potatoes -2 pts, corn-1pt, biscuits -2 pts and milk 2pts.
I also may or may not have eaten two of these when they came out of the oven. (4pts)

The hubs, kiddo and I also made monster cookies tonight.  I didn't even have one.  I chewed gum while making them so I wouldn't eat the dough.... They are 3 points each and I will enjoy one tomorrow for sure.  I used 9 flex points today.  Not a great start to my week.  I was going to do yoga today... but I ran out of time, or maybe got lazy...  Tomorrow I hope to fit in a walk before work.  Then it's a 10k on Saturday!!


  1. I can just picture Drew saying 'take a picture of my waffles'. How cute.

  2. I keep checking for an update. How is it going?