Friday, June 4, 2010

I will be MIA..

I will be MIA for the next couple days.  I will be out of town, but don't you worry... I will be keeping track of my food intake.   I know it has only been two days of me recording my food intake but it is helping!  A couple times today I caught myself thinking about eating something I didn't need.  I was running some errands today and I was in walgreens picking up a prescription for the hubs.  I spotted some jellybeans that looked good at the checkout.  I probably normally would have bought them to eat in the car.  I didn't though because I knew I'd have to tell you about it!!!  Then after dinner some chips-ahoy cookies were brought out.  I normally would have taken one even though they aren't very good, but I didn't because I am being watched!!!  I love it.  Keep watching and keep me motivated!!  My plan is to sneak a workout in before we leave tomorrow.  Thought for the day... You don't have to be perfect, just persistent.  Make small goals - they are easier to reach!!

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  1. I may have to start a food blog so someone will stop me from eating the WHOLE bag of Good & Plenty's that I bought today. I didn't open them until I was alone in the car after dropping Billy off at Sheffer's and I ate the whole bag before I got home! How sick is that?!