Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today is better..

Breakfast was a bowl of honey nut cheerios with skim milk and a banana. (6 pts)

After breakfast I went for a quick run with the dog and the stroller (20 minutes) before it started to rain. I also did half of a Jillian's 30 day shred workout before my DVD stopped working.  Not a great workout but better than nothing. 
The problem with cereal is that it doesn't last very long.  I was really hungry by 10:30, so I had an early lunch at 11.  It was a ham and cheese sandwich made with a whole wheat Arnold's sandwich thin, 2 oz of ham and a slice of reduced fat provolone cheese. (3 pts) 
I also added tomato, a huge bunch of spring greens and some light mayo. On the side was baby carrots and grapes with a glass of milk. (8 pts)

Around 12:30 I was still hungry so I made a smoothie!!

Today's smoothie was made of the last of the frozen strawberries that I picked last summer, some fresh pineapple, spinach and 1/2 cup lowfat yogurt.  (3 pts).  I am so excited to pick fresh strawberries very soon.  They are ready here and I am waiting to hear how they are before I go picking.  I plan on stocking up my freezer for smoothies!!!
The kiddo drank about half of it today!
I have to work again tonight so I'll add my dinner after I pack it.

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