Wednesday, June 9, 2010

are you bored yet?

Because I am!!  These food posts are definately helping me stay on track, but they are SO boring.

Todays Breakfast was an egg sandwich made of - 1 Arnolds Whole Wheat Sandwich thin (1pt), 1 egg (2pts), 1 slice reduced fat colby jack (1pt), 1 oz ham (1pt).  I also had some grapes (1pt) and a glass of skim milk(2pts)
Lunch was another fold it (1pt) with turkey (2pts), cheese (1pt), mayo (1pt) and spinach and tomato.  I also had carrots (0pts) and milk (2pts)
Before work I made another smoothie!  I used 1 cup of mixed frozen berries (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries-1pt), 1 cup frozen strawberries (1pt), spinach (0pts) and 1/2 cup vanilla low fat yogurt (1pt)

Dinner was a PB&J made of a sandwich thin (1pt), 1 tbsp peanut butter (2pts) and 1 tbsp blueberry jam (1pt).  I had 1 serving of honey wheat pretzels  (2pts) and grapes (1 pt).
Snack was a granola bar (2 pts)

I am sorry for the lack of variety in my food this week.  I picked a bad week to show you what I eat. I haven't cooked in days and I badly need to go grocery shopping.  I do tend to eat a lot of the same things but I also love to cook.  Tomorrow my plan is to hit the grocery store and cook some dinner.  I am needing some more vegetables in my life!

Total points 27 - I used 2 flex points and didn't fit a workout in today.


  1. I think your food looks delicious, not boring! I am a huge fan of arnold thins, eggs, and smoothies, so count me in! :)

  2. It has to help when you document everything because it makes you really think about what you eat. Keep up the good work. I wish I had you here to make my meals for me.