Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little by little

So honestly I was hoping for more, but I expected less...  I didn't have the best week.  I ate all of my flex points, all of my activity points and ate 3 more extra points on top of that as well.  I earned 30 activity points so that is a lot of extra food (68 points worth to be exact) that I probably didn't need.  I know those points are there to use, but still - over 2 days worth of food extra...

So today's class was about habits.  If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.  Good point huh?  The challenge for this week is to pick one habit - start small and make a change.  I decided the habit I am going to try to break is to not "taste" the kiddo's food when I serve it.  All those bites, licks and tastes add up. 
Here are a few others to think about:
1. Why do we always celebrate with food?  Birthdays, holidays, etc..
2. I want to try not to use "treats" as rewards for my kiddo.
3. To try to eat always at the table without any distractions (book, magazine, etc) and truely think about and enjoy the food I am eating.
I am sure there are many more habits to change.  Another quote for the day is "If you act like how you want to be, you will soon be the way you act."

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