Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Let me introduce myself.  I am Kelli.  I turned the big 3-0 last month.  This was a hard thing for me.  When I step back and look in the mirror I don't like everything that I see.  I wouldn't say that I am unhappy, I just am not at a place that I would like to be at in this point of my journey in life.  I have been struggling with my weight for the last few years.  I've lost and gained the same few pounds over the last couple months.  It's been a struggle for me to do this on my own.  I know all about calories in vs calories burned.  I have all the tools and knowledge to kick this once and for all, but for some reason I can't get myself to get there.  I need to dig deep into ME to figure out what the hold up is.  I have struggled with infertility and I'm sure a lot of it has to do with my weight.  I have been told that I have "PCOS"....  I like to think it's an easy label for anyone that can't get pregnant.  My reasoning is that I don't ovulate.  I'd like to think that if I get into a healthy weight range I'd overcome that problem.  I'm not sure because I've never been there.  That should be reason enough to get me going don't ya think?!  I have a two year old son and had a misscarraige in January.  I decided after that to take a break from the fertility drugs and get healthy.  Here it is April 13 and I am still talking about it.  I've decided to put it all out here and find out what is stopping me.  I am joining a weight loss program starting Thursday.  I've done this once before and lost 25 lbs.  I think a weekly weigh in will keep me accountable.  I hope you can as well.  I'm going to put it all out here good and bad.  It might not all be pretty, but it's me.... a work in progress.

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