Friday, April 23, 2010

Poor planning

I didn't plan out my lunch too well today.  We went to the zoo this morning and I was thinking about stopping at Subway on the way to bring my lunch but then I thought that we would just go for the morning and then come home for lunch.  I should've known better because I went with my friend and her kiddos.  We were there longer than I planned and by her suggestion we decided to eat at the zoo.  I bought a grilled chicken sandwich for myself.  The biggest waste of 4 dollars ever.  It was a "wonderbread" like white bun with a chicken breast on it.  I added some mayo.  No veggies, no flavor.  How disappointing.  I was still hungry (imagine that; with no substance and all) so I ate a few of Drew's french fries.  I also had a Diet Pepsi.  That was also a bad choice.  I don't have a headache, but I am craving something sweet now that I am home.  After battling with my self in my head, I gave into that urge and ate a cookie.  I am so weak.  Now I am chewing gum and just drank a huge glass of water to keep myself away from eating another.  Diet soda is so so so bad for me.  It always triggers a sugar craving.  I need to listen to my gut and plan ahead for when things like this happen.  Points wise I am still doing okay for the day, but I need to get a run in when the hubs comes home and need to eat a well balanced healthy dinner tonight.  I just feel very unsatisfied and hungry when I eat crappy.  That's all for now.....

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