Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good bye cookies

So I threw those cookies away this morning at 7 am.  I knew they were going to tempt me today.  I was woken up this morning  EARLY by the barking dog.  That is not a good thing after working a crazy busy shift last night and only been sleeping 5 hours.  I am tired and that leads to being weak.  I decided to toss the cookies before they caused me any grief.  Pathetic really to have a battle against a cookie... but so far today I am ahead!  Oatmeal for breakfast.  I love, love, love oatmeal.  It is so filling and warms me right up.  Today's plan - to stay afloat and get a good workout in.  The sun is out so I'll be running outside for some much needed Vitamin D.

-By the way on Sunday I battled the tornado like winds and ran 4 miles after it quit raining.  I took a new route and was thinking it was farther but after figuring it out on Livestrong.com  it was only 4.  I love running and don't ever let me forget that.  I don't run fast, but it's like therapy to me.  Good for the mind and soul.


  1. Running is good for the soul...love it! Sometimes, I forget that too. You tell those cookies:) I have done that before too, but I have had to soak them in water (or do something gross) so I wouldn't dig them out...how pathetic is that?!

  2. I love hearing that you dig things out of the trash!!! It is pathetic I know. I've done it before too. I usually throw them in the outside garbage with all the gross stuff so I won't touch it. I honestly haven't thought about them since they aren't on my counter anymore!

  3. I am probably the slowest runner there is but since I started running in March I actually noticed a big change in myself, inside and out. It's the coolest thing, I feel so strong and in control.. also helps to kind of 'refresh' my mind. I love it!