Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yesterday.... not a good day

Maybe it's the weather, or the weekend and lack of plans...  I am still learning.  I am proud of myself though for not ignoring my issues though and thinking about them.  Normally I would just ignore what I did and pretend it didn't happen.  Here is what DID happen yesterday.  I ate 59 points in ONE day.  So much for my not using my flex points.  They are gone plus 3.  I don't know why this happened.  The day started well.  I did a 3 mile walk for the March of Dimes in the morning.  They had lunch afterwards.  I shouldn't have eaten there because I wasn't hungry.  It was only 10:30.  I didn't make poor choices, I had a banana and some string cheese.  I took a chocolate chip cookie for Drew and some popcorn.  I then proceeded to eat the cookie on the way home.  For lunch I had left over chicken chili and milk.  I then had about a servings worth of Drew's macaroni and cheese.  I still wasn't doing too bad overall for the day but then we went out to dinner.  We went to an italian place.  I decided to eat pizza with the boys since I knew that all the pasta dishes would be loaded with points.  I only had a couple little pieces (Here in WI they cut pizza in squares) and a dinner salad.  So what's the problem you say?  Well after adding all the points up I had I estimated to be at 43.  BAD BAD BAD.  When I eat crappy (pizza). I then needed something sweet.  I proceeded to eat 4 cookies throughout the evening. At 4 points each I then was up to 59 points.  I went to bed feeling gross and sad that I overdid  it.  This morning I wrote down the 16 points worth of cookies, crossed out my remaining flex points (plus 3) and turned the page.  I feel down about it but I have to move on.  If I dwell on it this day will turn out the same.  I need to really work out hard today to help gain some activity points back.  It is pouring rain so I guess I'll be hitting the treadmill and or some P90x videos.  Why, why, why do I do this to myself.   I made the cookies about a week ago because the hubs begged me to.  I have totally stayed away from them until this happened.  They were SO good.  I guess I really can't have this stuff in the house until I learn to just have one and be satisfied.  The whole time I was eating them and each time I went back to grab another I was aware of it and asking myself why I needed to eat another.  I was arguing with myself thinking "Oh well this day is shot"  and then "You still have to be accountable and weigh in on Thursday".  The fat devil on my shoulder won out once again.  WHY AM I SO WEAK?

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  1. it is so hard to be strong...but if you can think of a "routine" to do when you are overindulging it may help. Such as, i will allow myself one cookie after I have a side salad and two large glasses of water...or after i do my daily workout and drink my water...or first I will take a walk around the block....and after doing one of these things I still want that cookie...i will have it. But remember to take the cookie, sit down, and enjoy each bite so you don;t need to eat four of them because you took the time to actually taste the one. easier said than done, I know!