Saturday, May 8, 2010


So we went to a birthday party last night and I was a little worried about the food there.  It was hosted by some friends of ours that we hang out with quite often.  They are known for grilling brats and burgers.  The sides are always store bought potato salad or pasta salad and chips and dip.  When we have BBQ's we usually offer to bring a dish to pass.   I usually bring something healthy like a salad since there probably won't be anything healthy there.  This time we were told not to bring anything because it was a birthday party.  I should have eaten before I went.  They served brats, italian sausage, and burgers.  (the burgers were premade by the grocery store with chunks of bacon and cheese mixed in the meat.)  They had white buns and ketchup and mustard as condiments. NO VEGGIES.  For sides there was baked beans, watermelon, jello, pasta salad,  potato salad, crackers with cheese and sausage, and potato chips and dips.  SERIOUSLY!  I could have cried.  I had a burger because I figured that would be a better choice than a 12 pt brat.  (Yes - fat Wisconsin brats are 12 points with out the bun.)  Then I had a white "sticks to the roof of your mouth" bun with some ketchup.  I had about a 1/4 cup of baked beans and some watermelon.  The hubs who was looking out for me asked if there was any onions, lettuce or tomato to put on the burgers.  My dear friend the host just laughed and said that the ketchup is made out of tomatoes....  I am not looking forward to summer cookouts.  People in Wisconsin have brats and cheese curds as their main staples for cookouts.  We are invited to another cook out tonight hosted by a different family in our group of friends.  I asked them what they were serving and you guessed it.... Brats and burgers.  I am eating before I go this time.


  1. wow...that would be so hard. I hate when you are trying to make better choices, but really the only choice is terrible foods or eating nothing. Eating before hand, or bringing your own dish, sounds like the way to go. Good luck with the cookouts...sounds like they will take some serious determination!

  2. We didn't end up going to the bbq on Saturday night so that was a good thing points wise. It frustrates me that people don't have healthy choices. Not everyone wants to have a heart attack by age 35...